LIBN The Power List

Aug 11, 2022

John-Paul Smolenski founded MMP Capital in 2013 and serves as president and chief executive officer. Over the past nine years, he has been the driving force behind the company’s significant growth, establishing MMP Capital as a nationally recognized leader in aesthetic healthcare equipment financing, leasing and unsecured capital financing.

2021 was a record-breaking year for MMP Capital with more than $203 million in financing secured for clients, a significant achievement during a nationwide pandemic. In 2022, MMP is continuing to experience unprecedented growth, currently ahead of last year by 30% year over year, due to its unique financial tech ability to lend to companies that require access to cash, giving them time to keep their doors open in a difficult economic environment. Smolenski has also successfully grown MMP Capital organically due to the key partnerships his company has developed with medical vendors who help to make equipment leasing and financing a simple and efficient process, with loans often approved within minutes.

A key component of Smolenski’s leadership style is his passion and attention to detail. Under his guidance, MMP Capital has revolutionized the financing industry by taking customer service to new levels, answering emails, phone calls and/or texts within five minutes. MMP Capital is a data-driven company that can analyze a customer’s performance through various analytics to offer expert advice and an overall better experience. This approach helps small businesses save tens and in some case hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting their equipment financing needs addressed in hours, instead of months. This expedited approach gives MMP Capital customers an extreme advantage over their competitors by bringing new technology to the market, months ahead of their competitors.

Smolenski’s success at MMP Capital is not new; he was an All American in high school and college and believes the same principles that drove those achievements are fully applicable to business. He attributes his professional success to his approach of always putting people first. MMP customers, lending partners, vendors and employees are his four priorities; he has found that if he takes care of all of them, they willingly go above and beyond to support him and MMP Capital. It

is a business built on relationships, and he believes the key is to make sure everyone is happy and successful working together. He has always worked to create a business culture that people enjoy being a part of every day.