MMP Tots Expanded as Commercial Lender Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Apr 17, 2023

John-Paul Smolenski, President and CEO of MMP Capital, believes in paying good fortune forward. Raised within the Catholic church, Smolenski values family as his core. That family includes the 55 employees at MMP Capital as well as our Long Island community.

Ten years ago, Smolenski founded MMP Capital from his garage at 29 years old. He has run the business with a focus on culture. The MMP family has a work hard, play hard environment that empowers its people to reach their full potential. 

Today, MMP Capital funds nearly $300MM in equipment financing a year, and is projected to grow by 35% this year, despite economist predictions that 2023 will be one of the toughest economic years in contemporary times.

“Beyond my family, MMP Capital is my biggest achievement,” said Smolenski. “Our 10th Anniversary is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and give thanks for all that we have achieved. Our success would not have been possible without the support of our families, friends, and communities. Now it is our turn to give back.”

MMP Capital started a community giving program called MMP Tots a few years ago as a scholarship program, awarding tuition for private K-12 education to families on Long Island. This year, the MMP Tots program is expanding with the goal of enriching the lives of children within our local communities. The MMP family will be invited to take part in charitable activities throughout the year, volunteering and organizing events, to give back to our Long Island communities and make an immediate impact.

As a NCAA All American and Big Ten conference champion, Smolenski believes in the importance of sports as a competitive driver for youth. On May 7, MMP Tots will partner with Pioneer Sports and an NFL legend from the NY Jets.

MMP Cause Coaches will work with children on the field and, at the end of the day, will select ten individuals as MMP MVPs who exhibit good sportsmanship, athleticism, and teamwork. They will each be awarded a gift for their talents on the field, and have their photo taken with the MMP team and the athlete from the Jets.

“We cannot thank MMP Capital enough for its support, said Tom Falcone of Pioneer Sports. “These events are so important for our young athletes and individuals, to see that dreams really can come true with the right combination of hard work and perseverance. I cannot wait to meet all the children and see their reaction to playing with a NFL legend!”

MMP Tots also plans on adopting local families for back-to-school and holiday food and supply drives, and will continue to identify events and activities to support family and children in need.

“When people enjoy their job, it becomes a career and passion. That’s what MMP strives for and we’re succeeding,” concluded Smolenski. “We embolden and empower our employees to be their best and live life to the fullest, and we all look forward to paying our good fortune forward.”