Corey Aronoff

Team Leader

Corey Aronoff stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence in the competitive world of finance. Currently serving as a Team Leader at MMP Capital, Corey has cultivated a career marked by significant achievements and a relentless drive for success.

His professional journey began in 2015, a pivotal year when Corey made a bold transition from being a local foreman, deeply rooted in practical skills and leadership, to the dynamic realm of finance. Starting as an Account Executive sales with the company, he demonstrated a strong ability to understand and meet client needs, swiftly moving up the ranks to become a Team Leader in 2023. Over the span of 4 + years, Corey’s dedication and skill have not only contributed to MMP Capital’s success but also cemented his reputation as a key player in the finance industry.

Corey’s personal achievements reflect his interests for life outside of work. His love for golf—a sport that, much like his career, requires patience, strategy, and precision, gives him not only an outlet from the hustle of finance, but also a mindset that informs his professional approach.

With a strong foundation built on leadership, hard work, and adaptability, Corey shows no signs of slowing down. He continuously seeks out new challenges and opportunities for growth.